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Join us in building a community committed to supporting, growing, and promoting
values of quality and competence through accreditation.

Membership & Accreditation

Membership dues are separate from accreditation fees. Accreditation is attained after an application has been completed, fees have been paid, an assessment
has been performed, and a decision has been made by the A2LA Accreditation Council.

An organization does not have to be a member to become accredited, and accreditation by itself does not confer A2LA membership.


  • Provide forums for members to build relationships with tangible business benefits, including networking, education, and advocacy.
  • Foster a comprehensive peer network of industry professionals through the A2LA Technical Forum and other networking opportunities.
  • Support government and global affairs efforts through work with legislative, regulatory, and industry groups that share common goals.

  • Lead by example within quality assurance, accreditation, and technical communities to support our vision of creating a single accreditation that is accepted everywhere.
  • Advocate for this vision among global peers while developing reciprocal recognition of our accredited results.
  • Promote clients with a global interest.